Everest Expedition 2023 IN Group

In 2023, The Imagine Nepal team achieved an impressive milestone by completing 58 summits from foreign climbers and Sherpas. The group was assigned to fix the summit route from Camp 2 to the Summit of Everest and Lhotse, marking the 70th anniversary of the successful ascent of Mt Everest this year.

The group was led by certified IFMGA guide Mr Dawa Gyalje Sherpa, who ensured the successful completion of the rope fixing. Then, on May 13 2023, at 01:52 pm NPT, the team opened the window of the summit route for all the climbers waiting for the summit push.

Total of 58 Summits with different times and dates

  • On May 13, 2023, at 01:52 pm NPT, the summit route was open to all climbers awaiting the push to reach the top. The following foreign climbers made it to the top of Everest:
  • 1. Ms Naila Kiani (Pakistan)
  • 2. Ms Jessica Rae Wedel (United States)
  • 3. Mr Marton Peter Price (Hungary)
  • 4. Ms Nadia Azad (United Kingdom)
  • 5. Mr Lianhui Chui (China)
  • 6. Mr Kitti Boonnitrod (Thailand)
  • 7. Mr Benjamin Bruce Mattingly (United States)
  • 8. Mr Tang Bin (China)
  • 9. Mr Mao Shaoyun (China)
  • 10. Mr Li Yifan (China)
  • 11. Mr Xuming Gu (China)
  • 12. Mr Matthew Lim Jun Jeh (Singapore)
  • 13. Mr Zhang Jian (China)
  • 14. Mrs Zhu Chunmei (China)
  • 15. Mr Lin Zhiyong (China)
  • 16. Mr Wang Shanqjng (China)
  • 17. Mr Ru Zhigang (China)
  • 18. Mr Ren Tong (China)
  • 19. Ms Liu Xianling (China)
  • 20. Ms Yue Li (China)
  • 21. Miss Montana Twinprai (Thailand)
  • MingmaG in Himali Down Suit

    Everest summits by Imagine Nepal Sherpa guides.

    • Despite the falling of seracs in the area of the Khumbu icefall, Imagine Nepal managed to complete 58 summits. Unfortunately, the team was forced to deal with the loss of three of its strongest Sherpas at the start of this season. But those remaining Sherpa guides were able to guide clients to the top of Everest by climbing two times and some three times within the course of a single season. Here is a listing of Sherpa climbers, along with the times they climbed to the top:
    Three summits in single season
    1. 1. Dawa Gyalje Sherpa (1st Rope Fixing, 2nd with Matthew and 3rd with Yue Li)
    2. 2. Lakpa Sona Sherpa (1st Rope Fixing, 2nd with Gu 17 May and 3rd with Liu 23 May)
    Two summits in single season
    1. 3. Pa Dawa Sherpa (1st with Marton and 2nd with Zhiyong)
    2. 4. Phur Galjen Sherpa (Rope Fixing and 2nd with Kitti)
    3. 5. Dawa Jangbu Sherpa (Rope Fixing and 2nd with Zhu)
    4. 6. Pasang Ngima Sherpa (with Mao Shaoyung and Li Yifan)
    5. 7. Thundu Sherpa (1st with Lianhui and 2nd with Wang)
    6. 8. Pem Chhiri Sherpa (1st with Nadia and 2nd with Ren)
    7. 9. Nima Dorjee Tamang/Buddha (1st with Tang Bin and 2nd with Leu)
    8. 10. Suman Gurung (Rope Fixing and May 2, 25)
    One Summit in the season
    1. 11. Nima Nuru Sherpa – Rope Fixing
    2. 12. Dipen Gurung – Rope Fixing
    3. 13. Pasang Ngima – Rope Fixing
    4. 14. Lhakpa Tenjing Sherpa – Rope Fixing
    5. 15. Mr Pasang Temba Sherpa and Ms Naila
    6. 16. Mr Ang Mingma Sherpa and Jessica
    7. 17. Pemba Nuru Sherpa and Benjamin
    8. 18. Phinjo Dorjee Sherpa (Rope Fixing)
    9. 19. Lakpa Tamang and Zhang Jian
    10. 20. Bis Bahadur Gurung
    11. 21. Pasang Namgya and Ru Zhigang
    12. 22. Ang Rita Sherpa
    13. 23. Dawa Kamey
    14. 24. Sensai Pemba Waiba
    15. 25. Lakpa Tendi Sherpa
    Everest 2023 fixing team
    (First Everest summit picture in 2023 of Imagine Nepal rope fixing team.)


      1. • Pasang Dawa Sherpa, also known as Pa Dawa, climbed Everest for the 27th time on May 22, 2023, one Summit behind Kami Rita Sherpa, who climbed 28 times this season.
      3. • Ms Naila Kiani from Pakistan became the first international climber to reach the Summit of Mount Everest in 2023. Along with Imagine Nepal’s Sherpa, Mr Pasang Temba Sherpa, she got to the Summit at 08:02 am on May 14, 2023. Naila Kiani has climbed G-I, G-II, and K2 in Pakistan and recently joined the Everest Expedition after successfully reaching the Summit of the deadly Annapurna last April.
      5. • Ms Jessica Rae Wedel, an ovarian cancer survivor, reached the Everest Summit at 08:38 am on May 14, 2023, along with Imagine Nepal’s Sherpa, Mr Ang Mingma Sherpa, for the 15th Everest summit.
      7. • Mr Marton Peter Price made Manaslu 8163m in 9 days in September 2022, arrived at Everest on May 2, 2023, and climbed to the Summit of Everest in 12 days. He did one rotation to Camp 3 on May 5.
      9. • Nadia Azad climbed Annapurna in April this year with Imagine Nepal’s Annapurna Expedition Team. At the Summit of Everest, she completed her 2nd 8000 meters peak.
      11. • Ms Liu Xianling: Ms Liu’s summit push was initially on May 21, but due to high winds, she had to turn back from the triangular face of Everest. On her second attempt from Camp IV, she had to turn back again on May 22 from the same place due to tiredness. However, she did not give up the challenge and stayed three nights at camp-IV to make her dream come true.
      13. • Ms Montana from Thailand became the second woman from Thailand to reach the Summit of Mt Everest. She got to the Summit at 8:15 am local time.

    • The result was that Imagine Nepal Everest Expedition 2023 was a massive success, with a record-breaking number of summits attained by climbers from all over the world and Sherpas. The journey was not without challenges, but the team’s dedication and determination ensured that the climbers made it to the top in a secure way. The entire experience exemplifies the team’s expertise, dedication, professionalism, and commitment to excellence.
    Everest Old Ropes
    • Here at Imagine Nepal, the mountains should be kept in good condition. Every little effort we put into it could profoundly impact the mountain ecosystem. In the photo are old oxygen cylinders and ropes collected by our team of rope fixers during the first and second stages of fixing ropes of Everest and Lhotse.

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