Dolma Khang Peak

Dolma Khang is a beautiful climbing peak in the Rolwaling mountain range of Gaurishankar municipality of Dolakha district in Nepal. The peak is located at a latitude 27.93’72” and longitude 86.35’03” and has an elevation of 6332m. The summit of Dolma Khang Peak offers stunning views of Mt Everest, Mt Gauri Shankar 7134m, Melungtse 7181m, and several other peaks, making it a popular climbing in Nepal among adventurers.

Accessibility and Duration: The peak lies in between Gaurishankar and Beding Go and is perhaps the most accessible 6000m peak in Nepal that can be climbed in a mere two weeks. For those already acclimatized from other treks, climbing this peak in less than 12 days is possible. 

Flora and Fauna in the Rolwaling Valley: The region habitats vegetation of Pine and Hemlock forests, White Fir, Juniper, Birch, Rhododendron, scrub, and alpine plant communities are common at higher altitudes. The park is home to the Red Panda, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan Thar, Marten, Himalayan Mouse Hare (Pika), and over 118 species of birds, including the Impeyan Pheasant, Snow Cock, Blood Pheasant, and Red-billed Cough. 

Other Peaks for climbing in the Rolwaling Valley: Rolwaling is a remote mountain valley located northeast of Kathmandu, close to the Tibetan border and west of the Khumbu region. More than 20 peaks above 6000m in the Rolwaling Valley opened for commercial climbing in Nepal. Out of all the peaks of Rolwaling, only three are categorized as NMA Trekking peaks, Mt. Cheki Go, Mt. Ramdung, and Mt. Pharchamo are peaks that lie in the Rolwaling valley, and the rest are all considered expedition peaks. The Department of Tourism issues permits for Expedition peaks. 

Yalung Ri Peak Climbing for Training: The peak program also includes a 5630 meters peak, “Yalung Ri”, for training before attempting Dolma Khang Peak for beginners in climbing. This peak offers spectacular views of the neighbouring mountains and hills and an excellent opportunity to adjust to the high altitude.

Dolma Khang Caravan Route and Climbing Season

The Caravan route to explore these beautiful peaks is Kathmandu – Simigaon – Beding. The best climbing season in Nepal is spring and autumn, which is best for Dolma Khang Peak. During these seasons, the weather is relatively stable, allowing climbers to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountain’s summit.

The peak program is an ideal choice for those who want to experience the thrill of peak climbing in Nepal and witness the beauty of the Himalayas. With several peaks, stunning views, and rich flora and fauna, the Dolma Khang program is an excellent opportunity for beginner and experienced climbers alike.

Brief Itinerary View in full

  • Day 1Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel
  • Day 2Drive Kathmandu to Chhet Chhet, Trek to Simigaon
  • Day 3Trek to Dongang
  • Day 4Trek to Beding
  • Day 5Trek to Naa Village
  • Day 6Hike to Dudh Kunda & Cho Rolpa Lake.
  • Day 7Trek to Yalung Basecamp
  • Day 8Climb Yalung Ri (5630m) and trek to Na Village.
  • Day 9Trek to Beding (3570m).
  • Day 10Climb towards Dolma Khang BC
  • Day 11-12Climbing period for Dolma Khang.
  • Day 13Trek to Dongang (2800m)
  • Day 14Trek to Simigaon
  • Day 15Trek to Chetchet and drive to Kathmandu
  • Day 16Final Departure