Imagine Nepal Everest Base Camp

With the last group to summit Everest today, Imagine Nepal concludes the Everest Expedition for 2023.

Today, on 25 May 2023, the Everest Expedition for 2023 by Imagine Nepal has come to an end, with the last group of climbers reaching the summit at various hours. The group included two clients, four Sherpas, and two photo/videographers.

Here are the names of the summiteers:

  1. 1. Ms Yue Li from China and Dawa Gyalje Sherpa at 7:30am NPT
  2. 2. Miss Montana Twinprai from Thailand, Ang Rita Sherpa, and Suman Gurung at 8:15am NPT
  3. 3. Dawa Kamey Sherpa and Sensai Pemba Waiba summit at 8:18am NPT
  4. 4. Lakpa Tendi Sherpa at 8:30am NPT

Ms Yue Li and Dawa Gyalje Sherpa

Ms Yue Li
Dawa Gyalje
  • Dawa Gyalje Sherpa made it to the top of Everest three times this season. He was the route-fixing team leader who fixed the line to the summit on 13 May. Second, he guided Mr Matthew Lim Jun Jeh from Singapore on 17 May and today with Ms Yue Li from China.

Photo/Videographer: Suman Gurung and Sensai Pemba Waiba

Suman Gurung
  • Suman Gurung made it to the summit of Everest twice this season, being the photo and videographer for Imagine Nepal. His first summit this season was with the rope fixing team on 13 May, and again with the last group.
Sensei Pemba

Miss Montana Twinprai, Dawa Kamey Sherpa, Ang Rita Sherpa and Lakpa Tendi Sherpa

Dawa Kamey
Ang Rita Sherpa
Miss Montana
  • Miss Montana Twinprai becomes the second woman to summit Everest from Thailand.
  • It was a successful expedition for Imagine Nepal, and we congratulate all the climbers for their achievements.