Ralf Dujmovits

Mingma G. – the man who organized my Manaslu Expedition this autumn through his company, Imagine Nepal. Throughout my 35 years of Himalayan climbing, I’ve met a lot of impressive Sherpas: strong and talented climbers, humble personalities, kind and caring individuals, successful entrepreneurs of all kinds and outstanding men with big visions. Mingma G. is all of these at the same time! With the terrible weather this autumn, high avalanche hazard and many accidents, he had to handle all kinds of difficult situations.

It was impressive to watch him deal with everything calmly and with the highest level of professionalism.When the news came to Basecamp that Nims Dai’s office exploded, it was clear to Mingma that he should go with Nims back to Kathmandu to support him. When the tragic avalanche accident took place above Camp III, it was Mingma who took charge of the helicopter rescue operation. When another avalanche hit part of basecamp, Mingma was there, helping to sort it all out. We seldom had a quiet moment, and Mingma was always the solid rock in the surf.I always held a lot of respect for Mingma before I even met him. During the weeks of our Manaslu Expedition, he became a friend for whom I now have even more respect! Thank you, Mingma, for our time together and for your support.
– Ralf Dujmovits